In the outdoor exhibition, the KUNST HAUS WIEN takes a broadening look at the environment and the world around us for four months and encounters it in a neighbourly way: twelve artistic positions are assembled in public space that open up diverse ecological perspectives on the present and the future. The invited artists enter into dialogue with the earth and the atmosphere, with flora and fauna, the Danube Canal, with urban infrastructure and architecture, with neighbours, visitors and passers-by.

Simon Brugner


Hugo Canoilas


Thomas Feuerstein


Anita Fuchs

Leaf Assemblages

Christina Gruber

Suns of the Cloud / Lauschen und Rauschen

Barbara Kapusta

One (Upright), Third (Upright), 5 (Moving), Futures

Barbi Marković

The extinction of the mini penguins

Claudia Märzendorfer

For the Birds

Ralo Mayer

Titularium of a Distant Celestial Body

Flavia Mazzanti

Flux Selves

Anna Paul


Marie Vermont

Climate Contingency

Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid

Terrestrial Stage