Artistic Explorations in Neighbouring Environments

Come closer: With the project CLOSE/D, Kunst Haus Wien enters into dialogue with its neighborhood. Twelve artistic interventions in public space show ecological perspectives on the present and the future. In and around the Community Center TRÖSCH III, the museum invites you to a free program of events.

Stay close!

Community. Change. Future.

What might a liveable and sustainable future in the city look like? How might we go about shaping it together? At the newly launched TRÖSCH III Community Center as well as the public space around the Museum itself, a participatory programme featuring talks, tours, performances and workshops will be focusing on a range of ecological, social and cultural issues. In doing so, it is responding to the interests and needs of the participating communities. Futureorientated ideas and perspectives are to be explored together, prompting lively exchanges about a sustainable and inclusive coexistence in today’s world – and tomorrow’s.

With admission free, we invite people of all ages to get to know one another, to engage and to network, to join in discussions, to linger awhile, and to celebrate together around five main programme sections. The Community Care series combines Grätzl (i.e. local neighbourhood) talks, yoga classes in green surroundings, repair cafés for bicycles and textiles and invites associations and initiatives among others to take centre stage at TRÖSCH III for a day. The series Workshops with the Artists enables people to get to know one another personally and to engage in a productive exchange of ideas with the artists showcased at the exhibition. Whether it’s collages or upcycling cardboard and textiles, Workshops for Children conveys in a fun way ideas for upgrading and reusing materials. A multitude of tours as well as performances and talks with artists, the exhibition curators, climate experts, and art and nature mediators will enable everyone to experience the artistic interventions in the public space through a dialogue as well as initiate venues for shared experiences and exchanges.

The TRÖSCH III Community Center is not just an exhibition and workshop space, but also a consumption-free place of togetherness in the quarter known as the Weissgerberviertel. So whether you’re looking for more information about the programme, eager to take postcards and posters by Marie Vermont home with you, keen to create your own climate collages, wanting to browse in the reading corner, swap garments and other items, or simply interested in joining in the conversation: admission to TRÖSCH III is free during opening hours – plus it’s the perfect spot to linger, read and get chatting. So why not drop by, take part, and get to know your neighbours!

Stephan Kuss & Jasmin Ofner Heads of Community Programme


Eingeladen wurden 13 Künstler:innen mit Lebens- und Arbeitsraum in Wien, Orte in der nahen Nachbarschaft zu bespielen oder sich literarisch damit auseinanderzusetzen. Die künstlerischen Interventionen treten in Dialog mit ihrer unmittelbaren Umwelt – mit Flora und Fauna, dem Donaukanal, der Erde und der Atmosphäre, mit urbaner Infrastruktur und Architektur, mit Nachbar:innen, Besucher:innen und Passant:innen.

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